I’m currently reorganizing, please go to the old page to FILES for the downloads:


There is a lot to come like music, poems, thoughts, art and free eBooks about various topics. However, I still don’t know how to organize everything the best way. Maybe a blog is the wrong approach and it should be different pages or at least a PDF file per project. At least my thoughts are way better organizable and collectible in a PDF and they should be more interesting as a collection anyway. I also think that a PDF about beers would be more appropriate than including it on my website, the same goes for things like “books I have read” or for talking about how to learn Japanese. So I will start deleting content from this blog, move it into some PDF and might then publish my finished documents at some point in the future. One or more web-portfolios only focusing on art, design or music might come up as well.

Hopefully everything will be set up in a way I can use it and make stuff public on a regular basis until I finished studying, which might be 2019 for a BA or about 2021 for a Masters degree. Of course you can register for the Newsletter and get notified when everything is setup, but don’t expect a mail too early.


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